Pause a sound using a trigger?

How to pause a sound using a trigger? I can’t do it.
What I want :

  • start the sound at its beginning (easy with a trigger at the start of the interval)
  • pause the sound anywhere with another trigger.
  • restart the sound from this place (same trigger?)
    Does somebody have an idea ?


There is no current way of pausing a sound file.
But you could achieve what you describe by manipulating the speed of the interval.
The “Tempo” process enables such manipulations. You simply need to add it to the same interval
as the sound file.
Bi default, it will the peed value is 1. set it to 0 to pause the interval, ten back to 1 to start playing again. Altho last time I tried this, I encountered a couple issues.

You can also access the speed parameter directly from the “local” device (once added).

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

I had already tried to insert the tempo process on the same interval as the sound file. But when I select one of the points on the tempo curve, Score does not suggest going from 0 to 1 or more. The unit seems to be in bpm. it offers me to change the bpm and it seems the lower limit is 20bpm. It is therefore impossible to go down to 0.

I also found the speed parameter directly from the “local” device. I can change it there effectively.
I can also select the sound interval and change the value of the “speed” field in the inspector to 0.

But how to trigger the changes in time?
Is there a way?

Yes, the tempo is in Bpm. You can control it with the curve or the value inlet on the top left corner.
Simply drag and drop an Device’s address or connect a cable to it.

If you want to change the value with a trigger and you found the speed parameter in the local device, the easiest way would be to drag and drop the speed parameter in question with value onto a state (dot at the begging or end of an interval).

you can then add a trigger in the same place and you will send the single value 0 to speed every time it is triggered. Same thing with 1 to start it again.

Does this make sens to you ?
It should work in theory but you may encounter an issue specific to sound files.

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Thank you very much for your guidance with which I solved the problem. It’s here:

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