Can I play a music or video file?


Hi, I would like to play some audio file or video using Score, is it possible? Thank you!



Audio is possible in the current development version (if you tell me your OS I can send it to you). There has been an experiment for video but it’s still extremely alpha-quality.



Hi jcelerier, I’m on Win10 64b versión. I will have a look, thanks



I put a test release here:

Due to a bug for now you have to use JACK, else Score won’t start:



I’m very busy these days and I have not too much time, but in my first try, it won’t start. I have installed Jack, following Jack’s “read me” steps.
Maybe I have some Jacks incompatibilitie with some soft installed in pc, because the Jackd.exe don’t start neither or I can’t see any Jack opened process.

This weekend I will check incompatibilities.



Hello @Serdna and @jcelerier
I have the same problem running win10, installed a fresh jack, routing it to my asio RME driver, every time I choose jack in the dropdown menu in score it crashes (score does)
and if I choose something else then asio (WDM or MME) score refuses to select jack as interface and defaults to port audio. (which doesnt work on win right?)
will very much appreciate a response.
score 2.0.0-a3



Hi @Ofersmi, as far as I know, in 2.0.0-a3 version is not necessary Jack, but I have the same problem in this version.



So we should use port audio instead of jack?



I’m sorry, but I cannot help you too much… all I know about this I have read it here:



Hi guys!
Apparently, the windows build hasn’t been tested much (the development team mainly uses MacOS and Linux on a daily basis), and a lot of things have changed under the hood since 1.0b40, so you might want to stick with b40 until the dust settles down.
Thanks for the report, though!
We’ll keep you posted when those problems have been fixed.



mhhhh, by any chance could one of you (@Ofersmi / @Serdna) try to do the following step on the jack website :

=> in an admin command shell,
regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Jack v1.9.8\64bits\JackRouter.dll”

(maybe it’s not exactly this path if you have installed a different version).

Also @Ofersmi you can entirely use PortAudio on windows, it should be the default actually and allows you to use ASIO if available. Though maybe I’ll do a direct ASIO backend one day which should reduce the possible failure points :stuck_out_tongue:



@jcelerier I did that added JackRouter to the regsvr32 it didnt help,
so I never worked with port audio, in the dropdown menu I dont get any asio devices only MMe and WASAPI, do I need to install something related to port audio?
@Serdna if you wish to try the register the jack dll as mentioned above, for me it didnt work for the first time, you should add regsvr32.exe to your system path like explained here-
good luck



@bltzr so for now no audio in windows?



hmm no, it should be working but sadly I don’t have any windows machine to test this week. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I can get back to it.



is there anything I can do to help? I have a new project I started to work on and I would really love to use score for it! this week is the week I will decide what will be my timeline…



Well, I have been testing score v2 for the sound part of a project due at the end of the month, and my conclusion is that it’s not mature enough to be used as the only sound generator. It of course depends on one’s workflow, but mine being based mainly on sound files used as buffers (for loop playback and granular synthesis), there are still too few parameters (ie no pitch, no way to crop sound files, mainly)
Though, if one wants to play sound files from the start on at pitch 1, and apply effects, spat and so on, it’s pretty cool already.
I think I’ll combine my granularity synth in max with some discrete events in score.

Concerning the availability, I’m pretty confident that @jcelerier will get the problems sorted out as soon as he puts his hands on a proper win machine (the carousel project from gallery is running v2 on win as a permanent installation, AFAIK) but he’s on vacation right now

Hope that helps making your choice



I guess the key point from what I just wrote is [quote=“bltzr, post:16, topic:29”]
It of course depends on one’s workflow
Because the carousel’s only sound source is score, with the help of a lot of MIDI VST generators
Of course the fact that score’s main developer (aka @jcelerier) worked on the project probably helped a lot to add and fix features along the way



Hi, I reinstall Jack, and follow the steps on jack website, for me, jackrouter.dll was register in the first time in admin command prompt.
I configured jack following the steps but it doesn’t work. I will wait to @jcelerier!
Thanks a lot!

@Ofersmi As an option, if you only need to play a sound file you can use some player that play the audio and sends an OSC order (maybe MIDI) to Score for start, could be a bit tedious to fine sync the timeline between the player and score, but could work, and you can use Score 1.0.0-b38 version that works without Jack software.

I would like to explain better but my english level is horrible! Sorry



Hello @bltzr for my project I only need sound playback, its for a dance piece the music is premade, I need score as a pure timeline (a super cool timeline) to send data to vvvv and the light desk. but sync with audio and midi files is essential, the light and the projections are extremely linked to sound. I want to persist, I discovered score a few months ago but then I felt it was not ready for a show, now if the audio will work I really feel it could be the best solution for me!



@Serdna Running the audio from a different program is an option but it will be extremely hard to work with, I need to be able to jump from any place in the timeline to any place (for the composition process and for rehearsals with the dancers).
What I used to do before is use Touchdesigner as a timeline sending audio and timecode from from ableton, TD can slave to timecode so anywhere I jump on the audio track TD will follow. We had discussions before on the score issues git about integrating timecode in score but there are some conceptual issues with that that need to be addressed.
and @Serdna your english is more then adequate, but if you feel the need to through in a sentence in french do so. I speak french as well…