Where is the "Envelope process" in Ossia Score 3?


I’m trying to make an audio-reactive visual, like the demonstration on Youtube (by the way, thanks for that !), but I didn’t find the process “Envelope” as shown in your video. I’ve been searching for another way but I didn’t find it either… How can I find an equivalent ?

I’m on Ossia Score 3.0.4, and I’m working on Mac (Mojave 10.14.6).

Thanks in advance, and congrulation for your software, it’s a great job !!

Hi Alch and welcome !
The envelope processes have been moved out of the “Audio” processes directory. You can now find them under “Analysis/Envelope”.

Thank you very much for the reply and the info!
However, I don’t understand how to connect my audio source to this kind of process…there must be something I’m missing, I’m really sorry!

Can you share a screen capture or the scenario here ?

Finally, I solved my problem by using ossia’s “nodal” (not “timeline”) mode:

It would seem that it is easier to separate the audio and video part to make the two interact together, rather than wanting to manage everything within the same scenario.

Indeed, this way I can mix different types of inputs and outputs, while in the same scenario, I have the impression that some types are compatible, but not all…As if I had to choose a family media (which makes audio-video interaction difficult).

I may be wrong in my reasoning, but in any case, switching to nodal mode was beneficial for me!

I have more questions, but I’ll ask that in another thread since it’s not related to this issue anymore.

Thanks a lot for your help anyway!

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