Visualize generator/LFO curve

Is there a way to visualise the curve generated by an LFO or similar process, over a given time interval?


One way would be to assign the output of the LFO to a float parameter in the “Device Explorer”,
then select the parameter and apply the “Record automation from here” functionality (available in the roll down menu when right clicking inside the scenario).

Only there is an issue reported here
so “record automation from here” doesn’t always appear in the menu at the moment.

I think having a process that just acts as a scope for an input waveform would be a pretty useful feature.
Might give writing an add-on a go if I find the time


there is an add-on tutorial to guide in the creation of new pluggins. Altho I am not sure it still compilse with the latest version of score.

There has to be a lv2 or VST pluggin that acts as a basic scope tho, I’ll have a look around