Using Score-user-library

Renaming presets:

After asking @jcelerier about saving a preset or a score in the user Library,
We though it important to keep in mind that the extensions (.layer, .score, .device)
must remain unchanged.

The name of said preset can be customized freely.
If the extension is altered tho, the preset might not be usable anymore.


Saving vertically stacked processes:

When saving a process to the library, what appears to be the default method is to grab the process by the 3 little dots on the top left corner & drag/drop it in the library menu.

It is apparently possible to save several processes vertically stacked as well as sequences of several intervals. I just can’t seem to find the keyboard shortcut to do it.

If anyone knows it, it would be great to post it here for everyone to see.
If it is in the documentation I could link to it here.