Using MIDI to control Score scenario execution


I’m exploring the possibilities of Ossia Score and want to control global actions as play, stop and reinit with a MIDI controller (Korg nanoKontrol2). I can add the MIDI controller to the Device Explorer and using ‘Learn’ I see input coming in.

Now I would like these MIDI signals to control some global actions but can’t find the way to bind these signals to the global actions. In Device Explorer I added device ‘Utilities’ > ‘Local’ which gives me a device ‘score’ with a list of available global actions. But as far as I can see, these global actions are bound to OSC (OSCQuery) addresses.

So is it possible in Ossia Score (3.1.3. on Linux) to link a global action to a MIDI signal instead of an OSC path ?
If not, can I make the MIDI input send an OSC message directly in Ossia Score ?
Or else, do I need some external app (as for ex. osmid, o2m and m2o) to first convert the MIDI signal to an OSC path and thus control Ossia Score ?

All info and suggestions welcome !

Argh, indeed right now the MIDI is only active when a score is playing which precludes remote control. So yes, so far you’d need an external MIDI → OSC converter to send the /play, etc… message that score is waiting for.

If you’re on Linux, the easiest is likely with GitHub - x42/jackmidi2osc: Jack Midi to OSC

I wonder if we should refactor this to get the MIDI devices run at all time, but then this causes issues with buggy midi devices which make things crash…