Using MIDI CC to control shaders

I am trying to control custom made shaders using MIDI. My midi files use a lot of Control Change data. I don’t see a utility to do that. Does Pianoroll have an output for CC?

I guess I can do a small PD patch to do that, I am more familiar with Max than PD but I think I can manage

hello ! I’ve done some work on this to have a process that outputs midi CC. It won’t display a nice “piano roll” UI though but will output every MIDI message as it is on the file. (the problem is that all the CC, etc. data is currently disregarded when loading the piano rolls, it really only outputs note on / note off)

for now it is only available in the nightly builds: Release Continuous build · ossia/score · GitHub
Then you can use a “MIDI filter” object to extract the CC you want and use it for mappings, etc

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