Unreal Engine - any plans following the tweet? :)

I saw the tweet on OSC Query / libossia integration with the Unreal Engine from last year.

Any plans on making this? I’d love to try it out when there is something to use!

Hello !
sorry, forgot to answer that post.
there’s been a first port of libossia to UE4: https://github.com/ossia/libossia-ue4 which uncovered a few issues that I’ve been trying to fix since then basically (e.g. the thing with the protocol reworking as UE also does not really like things being in threads for blueprints).

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I haven’t followed what’s been happening with libossia for the last month or two, I guess when the protocol rework is done I will get a new release notification from the repo!

Working with the stock OSC plugin in Unreal is really cumbersome when using Blueprints, a lot of scaffolding code for every single address pattern processed, having to be linked to each and every parameter manually inside Unreal.

I would love a checkbox on each Actor simply saying “expose parameters to OSC” :smiley:


I was watching a video on Unreal’s DMX and Remote Control API, and they mentioned a feature which I think you should know about: The exposing of properties as OSC in unreal:


They say it will be appearing “soon” - whenever that is, it would be the perfect way for OSCQuery to integrate with UE I think.