Trying to understand state creation and removal

Apologies as I feel this is probably a super-noob question, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the basic conceptual model and the scenario editor. I’m trying to use Ossia to control Resolume (VJ software) and I’ve managed to make it do a couple of things successfully, but I’m getting kind of confused here.

I’ve been creating new states by dragging OSC addresses onto the scenario, but I keep finding myself in a state where I want to remove a state but I can’t seem to find a command or action that lets me remove old states that I don’t want anymore, does such a thing exist? I’m assuming it does but I’ve been digging around for a few hours and I can’t figure it out.


Hi @pschuegr and welcome !
I am not sure I completely understand the issue. Is it possible that you meant you wanted to remove old OSC messages from states rather than deleting the state ?

  • If a state is not connected to any interval, deleting it should be as easy as selecting it and hitting delete ! If it is either the start or the end of an interval, it cannot be removed without removing the interval (an interval must have both a start and an end state).

  • If you wish to remove an OSC message from a state, first select it. In the inspector, on the right, you will see the list of nodes saved in that state. you can right click on any value in the list and select “remove nodes” to delete them.

Let us know if this helps !

Hi Thibaud, thanks for the quick response! I’ll attach an image to make this easier to describe:

You can see there is a state on it’s own and another pair that are connected but desynced (I think that’s the right word?) from the rest of the scenario. I’m trying to remove all of those, and I’m pretty sure I’ve removed all the OSC messages already (or at least they don’t show up on the right anymore). But delete doesn’t seem to do anything…

Am I missing something?


Ok this is quite strange Then !
Maybe try Backspace instead.
You can also lasoo around everything you want to delete, then right click and select “Object / Remove elements”.

That makes sense, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me. There’s no error or anything, it just doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m attaching another screen just in case there’s helpful information.

Have I maybe stumbled across a bug?

You May have, this can be worth reporting here

To facilitate reproducing this bug, could you provide the following information in your issue :
Do you have the same issue when opening a new scenario and starting from scratch or does it only happen in your current project ? If so, you can attach the scenario in question.
Are you using the latest released version of score ?
What OS do you run it on ?

Thanks for your help! I’ll try and reproduce it from scratch and post it if I can get a repro case.