Try make audio sample re-play during playback audio file

hi there

I’m working on a project for multiple-disabled kids. and would love to make digital instruments for them.
For that I’m using captivate sensors that gives midi outputs. those midi outputs will play audio files in Score. That works fine so far. (using my keyboard as a test machine) but the audio files must be capable to overlap. So if a open-hat is clicked twice the sound overlaps In a tutorial i did see the option of conditions and i guess there i can find the solution somewhere…

do you have an idea?

Thank you!

Hi bob.

for this specific use, I would recommend using a sampler instrument that you can load in score as a VST or LV2 plugin.

If you are simply triggering sound files on an interval, you are not able to finish reading the sound and replay it from the start at the same time.

The alternative would be to make a “cascade” of the same sound file and the same trigger like so

Hi Thibaudk,

A vst plugin was a backup solution, but because the project on a RaspberryPi would be great, i kept that option as a final option.
The Cascade option is pretty nice. Good idea! That will work!

So I did read about Score to be compiled on a Pi. That would be a game changer!
It is still work in progress but are you aware of, if audio is playing? and OCS is working on the Score pi yet?

Greetings from the netherlands

Yes, score can run on the pi.
You will currently have to compile it yourself thought.
It would be interesting to add the pi version to the official releases later on.

Regarding the above example, cascading 2 sound files would probably suffice.

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Sorry , I misspoke, the latest release does includes a 32bit raspbry pi binary