SoundPlant software mute key mode (hold down) simulation

Variant of the mute key mode, except that the mute is triggered not by midi note on, but by midi note off:

  • You only need 2 triggers instead of 3.
    - the 1st trigger opens the gain (trigger by note on)
    - the 2nd trigger closes the gain (mute) - trigger by note off.
    - just after the 2nd trigger, an interval barely longer than the cutoff ramp is connected to an instantaneous interval which makes it return to the 1st trigger.
    - It is then sufficient to re-trigger this 1st trigger to re-open the gain.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions :slight_smile:

Hey @elode,
very nice !

One suggestion, you could use the process loop for the sound file instead of the transition back to the binning.

This would require an additional trigger at the end for the sound file and the gain to remain active indefinitely.

But this method is valid to, the only thing is that the Gain process is looped when it does not need to. but this is a detail.

Yes, it seems to me that your solution is simpler … and it also allows you to choose the length of the loop.
So it would give that:

It’s correct ?
Thanks a lot for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Yep, right on !

Keep up the good work !