Scripting ø.param objects

im trying to build a system so i can integrate my analog rytm better into my workflow with push. the problem: overbridge lists over 2000 parameters (i dont need all of them, but most…), so creating an ø.param object for each of this would take days of work.
i already have all parameters listed and organized in the correct osc format, but i don`t know that much about scripting.

could someone help me out, with an example? i could send a part of the patch.

will ossia work with so many parameters, or should i forget about this idea and look for another solution
(that would be very bad, as this patch is only a small part of a bigger intermedia-performance-system, which would benefit from ossias feature set immensely)

thx in advance

Hi ! Not perfectly sure what you mean here (a reduced example would help), but have you checked ‘@type list’?

sorry if this wasnt clear: overbridge is a vst plugin hosted in a vst~ object. ive got all the parameter of this plugin saved in a coll


and i want to “register” all of them in the ossia framework so i can control them from various other patches remotely.
doing it manually would mean that i have to create, define and connect about 2000 ø.parameter objects.
so i thought that scripting (most likely javascript, i guess?) might be the solution.


I don’t know your underlying setup but the quickest way to expose all parameters of a cat plugin I see is to load it into score.
Then all its parameters will be accessible through the score’s local tree.

But if you do need to keep the vst into max then it’s not a solution…

whatS a cat plugin? and thanks, i already solved my problem. i was just thinking too complicated. its the same as scripting a few objects