Restart from the beginning


I’m new to Score and I just played some hours with it today but I couldn’t find how to do something very simple : when the playhead reach the state.end, I want it to go back to state.start and start again, so that my composition is looping infinitely. Can someone help me with this?


Hello and welcome around !

So, there are two ways for doing that.
The first is to work in a Loop process (but I don’t recommend this for you if you already have material, this is better if you start a new score).
The idea is to add a Loop to the root and create your score inside the loop.
Here is how to do that :

The second is to use the transport feature, which in the last version is not quite pleasant to use - overhauls are incoming.
To use it you have to add a “Local” device to device explorer, and send messages to the “transport” address.
Here is a short video :

Note that while doing that I just noticed that there is a small bug that prevents execution if you restart at t=0. Starting at t=1 seems to work, I’m going to check why this has broken.


The first trick is a nice one, but it means that the main playhead/timecode will go on forever?

For the second one, I had found it but was using transport = 0 witch effectively doesn’t work and I was really wondering why… transport = 1 seems to work indeed! I can now begin to play serious :slight_smile: