Recording automation

Hi Forum, I’ve just started to use score. It looks really very useful, congratulations to the developers! I’ve been trying to work out how to record data from an OSC device but can’t work out how to do it. I add the device in the device explorer, go through the process of “learning” so that all the OSC parameters for the device appear correctly. But here I’m at a loss as to how to record. I’ve tried selecting the particular parameter that i wish to record, then right-click in the scenario in various ways, but can’t find the record automation option. Can someone please explain how to record?

Hello !
The procedure to record from an OSC device is :

  • select the address you wish to record in the explorer (the left panel)
  • right click in the score ; in the menu, there should be “record automations from here”.

By default, recording will start as soon as a message is received.

Hmm, while testing it seems that there is currently a bug with the right-click menu - you have to select a bit of space before right clicking for some reason, else the option does not appear in the menu. Going to investigate this soon.

In the meantime here is an example of the usage of the feature :

Thanks Jean-Michael! I had seen the “record automations from here” option once during my initial experiments but could never do the same combination of clicks (and as it turns out drags) to make it appear again. So that was it!

I’m testing with the SuperCollider quark Mosca. Score is now recording however a couple of odd things are happening:

While recording for example Cartesian coordinates, when I start to operate Mosca’s controls an error dialogue in score immediately appears stating “Internal error: Error: !m_playing”. The other thing is that during the recording, control gestures made in Mosca produce smooth curves in score. When I click stop in score however, the curves become radically quantised.

Other things such as freezing of the Mosca interface have been occurring as well, suggesting to me that there may be some sort feedback loop involved, but perhaps this is issue is Mosca related. I’ll alert Thibaud to this post.

All the best!

I could fix the menu issue, it will be available in the next release.

Will ask Thibaud to show me an example of recording with Mosca, hopefully we can figure an easy fix for that too !

Hi iain.

_The radical quantisation is normal. As it would cost too much to actully record evry single message as a point, score simplifies the curve, taking in only a percentage of the incoming data. You can set this ration inside score in the Settings/recording menu. (10% can already be a lot, especially for spatial coordinates, you’ll never here the difference)

_The freezing of mosca is somwhat related. It is do to the sheer speed and amount of data sore sends. you can slow the stream down by editing the device in score and enabling a slower rate (something like 25 ms). This is also due to mosca proxys essentially beeing GUI object. and also needing to be deffered … I plan to rework this actually.

_The other issue might be due to conversion units, I have been having some issues with them lately and will adress it on github

Thanks very much Jean-Michael and Thibaud. Thibaud, will try changing the settings and let you know how I get on.

All the best!