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I’ve recently started experimenting with Score and have a few questions about using embedded video.

The first question is: Can audio multiplexed with the video be be played by score? I couldn’t find a way so i extracted the audio from my test video and imported it into score as a separate element. This plays fine with the video if I start the transport at the beginning of the aligned elements, however if I do a “play from here” somewhere in the middle of the video, the audio and video are out of sync. This is the case with my own build of Score on Linux Mint. When I open my project with the pre-built binary, the audio wont play at all or plays from the beginning (as mentioned in another post here) unless the transport starts at the beginning of the audio.

My other question is: can the video window be made to open in fullscreen mode? I wish to start score with the arguments --no-gui and --autoplay in the final implementation of my current project.

Thanks a lot and congratulations on the project!


Hi Iain, there are currently no audio output for the video Process, so you had the right idea with your solution of extracting the audio and stacking it with the video.

You can make sure of synchronization by using a single interval for both processes. Grab a process by the 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner and drop it on an interval to transfer it.

If the de-synchronization persists, this would be good ground for creating a github issue. The sound cutting off in the release is definitely an bug, I’ll try it out.

There are curently no way to my knowledge to full screen the window device on startup, I’ll add the feature request on the github issues.

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Hi Thibaud, Thanks a lot, this works! So I guess all other other time-critical processes need to placed on the same interval too, I hadn’t grasped that. One strange thing I still notice though, is that if I pause video and sound somewhere within the interval, the video window continues to play. When the play button is again pressed, the sound starts from the correct place, however the video just continues on with the audio out of sync. Thankfully there is sync when “play from here” is used, so it’s no major problem.

Yes, please, to all developers, fullscreen video window will be of major importance to anyone needing to use video in a fully automated setup.

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The fact that “play from here” works for audio on the build but not on the release is actualy a good sign that the issue may have been fixed.

Here is the feature request for the full-screen option :

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