"Play form here" via OSC

hello hello…
question… is there a way how start at different point from outside the score. kind a triggering “play from here” via osc with a percent value?

would be wonderfull during testing phase.

greeting and thanks so much in advance

or… is it possible to set “percentage” via osc? i can send “/start” and “/stop” but everything else don’t work.

by the way… if I change the “score listening” port form the device “local” it remains at 6666. The value which is set from the beginning when I added the first time the “local” device.

Hello !
Currently this is only possible with two osc messages :

score:/play true
followed by
score:/transport [time in ms to play at]

e.g. score:/transport 1000
will go to 1 second in the score;

I will add a feature to set that in percentage and trigger both automatically from the “transport” message, e.g. if not playing, “/transport 1000” will go to t=1000 and play and “/percentage 50” will go to the half of the score and play.

Thanks for the report about the port, this looks like a bug

what about :
/transport : same as it is
/transport/seconds -> with time in seconds (most humans think in seconds, @jcelerier ;-p )
/transport/percent -> with percent as suggested

yep good idea !
(also can we remove that 20 character limit)

20 character limit ?