Ossia not opening on windows 10

Hi everyone!
I downloaded and installed ossia 3.0.1 on a windows machine (lenovo x240)
but everytime i try to open it, it shows (very briefly) a litte dialog box (where it seems to load a Generic Asio Driver) and then…nothing.
I even tried to install a previous version (3.0) but with the same results.
I’m really looking to try this beautiful software, so any help is appreciated!
Thank you!

Hi !

By any chance, would you have the JACK asio driver installed ? It has been known to lead to crashes.

Otherwise what are the ASIO drivers you have ? You can list them by going into regedit and checking the content of the following:


That’s it!
Thank you very much!

Ah great. I’ll add an entry in the FAQ to indicate this.