Ossia 2 Score Crash Report

Was testing out the beta 2 score application. Love the aesthetic and function. quality. Went to try bringing some audio in, didn’t hear anything. found the sound preferences (settings>audio) changed my input device to be the audio input on my audio interface (behringer umc 202 hd) and my audio output device to be the tv/hdmi I had plugged in (my usual way of routing audio) this caused the driver to change from PortAudio to Dummy to cater (MME) Microphone (3- UMC 202HD 192K) Device In and (MME) E50-E1-4 (NVIDIA High Definitio Device Out.

increased my buffer size to 256 as well and it still crashed. seems as though it doesn’t like audio with different ins and outs?

Hi ! on windows the portaudio library is used ; AFAIK it supports mixing inputs and outputs from different devices but I’m not sure, going to ask on their mailing list. If it switches to “Dummy” it means that it has trouble with the requested configuration, could you try switching it back to portaudio maybe ?

In any cases it should not crash, I’ll look into it in the next few days. Thanks for testing !

So after a horrible night…
Last evening in middle of light cueing in the theater I started to get this error as well. (or something similar)///
Score defaults to dummy and whenever I choose Portaudio it gives me this

could you make me a screenshot of the audio tab in the settings ?

Ok, I found the problem.
the defult ins (JACK) was set to 0… I didnt think about it… it was a very stressful night.

Hmm, but did it change on its own ? Even then, it should be able to work with 0 inputs

yes so play still works but at like 1/3 rate… so timing become all wrong…