Offline render at hi resolutions?

I am very excited about this project as it seems to check almost all the boxes of the software I need.
I was wondering if there will be a way to do offline hi-res rendering of the output eventually. I know it is not possible right now but maybe in the future?

Hi !

Yes, in the future it would be pretty interesting to have ! It’s just not a priority today because one can easily use e.g. Syphon (on Mac), Spout (on Win32) or shmdata (on Linux) to record a video processing chain to disk.

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e.g. on Linux, I’d do this to record:

1/ Add a shmdata output device and use it instead of the Window output for the last video node
2/ in a terminal

$ gst-launch-1.0 \
      shmdatasrc socket-path=/tmp/score_shm_video \
    ! queue \
    ! videoconvert \
    ! videorate \
    ! video/x-raw,framerate=60/1 \
    ! x264enc \
    ! matroskamux \
    ! filesink location=foo.mkv

3/ hit play in score

And this gives me a .mkv with whatever is out of score - it’s not perfect as it needs to be recut afterwards but is a good first approximation if something like this is needed quickly (with some adjustment on the video encoding settings of course, the defaults are pretty far from “high quality”)

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Great thanks! I use shaders that can take sometime to render so right now I use offline rendering that slows the rendering down to render all frames at 30/60 fps. If I had to do that in Score would there be a way? What I mostly interested in is to have midi inputs for my shaders.
So far I have used this very useful tool: