No output from Score 2.0.0 except when transport is stopped

I’m having output issues with Score 2.0.0-a3. I’m trying to send data to an ossia parameter in Max. While Score is playing (or paused), no data is being transmitted. When I stop the transport, the last value is sent from Score to the parameter in Max.


Output in Score 1.0.0 is working fine with the same parameter:


Testing on OS X 10.11, Max 7.3.5.

could you check the clock source in the preferences ?

I guess that’s because you’ve been switching back and forth between 1.0 and 2.0 and they are not using the same clock mechanism while sharing the same preferences.

Maybe the Dataflow clock (whose name is anyway confusing) could be renamed to default in 2.0 (since we’re not using default anymore). So then we’d switch between version he’d choose automatically the right clock source, what do you think, @jcelerier?

Meanwhile, use:

  • Default for 1.0
  • Dataflow for 2.0

Does that help ?

That was it! In both 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 the clock source was set to Default. Switching 2.0.0 over to Dataflow fixed it. Thanks @bltzr!