New thrilled user wanting to contribute

Dear score team,

I just discovered score and I’m very excited about it. I was thinking of starting something like this but score is way better than what I could have come up myself. Congratulations!

I would like to contribute to the project. I started doing a namespace for the Reaper DAW, and after that I would like to do one for the Midas M32 console. Do you think it is a good idea?

I have some programming experience and would like to contribute some code in the future, but for now I think I should keep to the other stuff, until I get to know the code well.

Hi !
thanks a lot for the kind words, they are quite appreciated :wink:

Doing namespaces is an awesome way to contribute, since it means that more people will be able to use it with their hardware directly.

If you have device namespaces, you can send them here : (you can right-click on them in the device explorer to save them).

I think that @thibaudk may already have a namespace for Reaper ? (Actually I think it was Pierre but he doesn’t seem to have an account here ?)

Great to see that the project garners more and more interest!

Pierre Cochard already has a working OSSIA addon for Reaper.

As score provided his main timeline, the Reaper timeline was never used (it would indeed be overly complex to deal with 2 timelines in 2 programs simultaneously, especially since score allows for multiple parallel branches). This addon enabled him to trigger samples directly (ReaSamplomatic 5000) and control VSTs in real time.

Pierre started working on this before score featured sound file, Faust, lv2 and VST processes.
These new features do render the interaction with a DAW somewhat moot as all playback and sound processing can now be done internally.
There is however room for improvement in this area, especially when it comes to streaming sound files from disc instead of loading in ram. @jcelerier Already drew out the first steps needed to acomplish this but I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet. This would be a very useful contribution, if I may say so :wink:

as I imagine the Midas console works with Midi, it would only require a “Mapper” Device in QML that could be directly added to the user library like this example.

Thanks for the reply. I will look into the addon for Reaper.

The midas console works with osc. There is an “unofficial M32 and X32 (from Behringer) osc Protocol” done by Patrick-Gilles Malliot.
score comes really handy because as for now there is no way to automate the desk. You can of course have scenes and such, but it’s not possible to interpolate between values.

I will also have a look at @jcelerier work, but I think it may be a little over my head for now.

I’ll try to get good using the score as fast as possible and put a little demo together. I know a lot of people that need just something like score.


if the console already works with osc, you might just have to:
_Right click in the “Device Explorer” window in score and select “add device” in the roll down menu (or simply “ctrl + b”)
_Select osc protocol (not OSCQuerry, just osc) and enter proper port numbers and addresses, click ok
_right click on the newly created device and select “learn”
_interact physically with all relevant sliders, knobs and buttons on the console ans their namespaces should appear in the “OSC learning” window
_After validating and making sure the device suits youand works well (potentially editing it to add “min”, “max”, “units”…), you should be able to export it (right click + “Export Device”)

mine too…


about Reaper:
the ossia-reaper addon works as a surface-control plugin (like any other Reaper built-in surfaces, the bcf, the osc and web devices etc.). It is something that I speed-coded for a sound-installation and needs to be reworked and cleaned up a bit. It is a bit tedious to build/install if I recall correctly, mainly because you have to link it against Reaper’s WDL library.

Basically, you load the surface and most of the tracks and insert plugins parameters are exposed (I tried it with a hundred tracks and a sh*tload of vst/js plugins… so potentially thousands of parameters, it worked, except for a few crashes that I think are caused by VSTs updating their parameters tree when changing presets etc.)
Anyway, it might be easier at first to have a 8 or 16-tracks static OSC namespace with common parameters (track volume, pan, transport etc.), but I’d love to get some help with the oscquery addon, because I don’t have a lot of time right now to re-work it.

and also, as @thibaudk said, there’s now support for audio and plugins in score, so the guidelines here are to encourage users to use, test, debug this feature if possible. The Reaper addon might become a bit redundant in the future.