Multiple video's on one screen and mapping

Hi there.
To start with. Impressive software. I’ve seen all the YouTube video’s and it helped me starting!

I was wondering if multiple video’s can be combined in one screen. And if they can be scaled and panned a bit so it can be used in projection mapping. I’m working on a installation that is displaying multiple video’s as part of a collage. Those are being controlled by users. Using the OSC protocol.
is that within Score possible?

I made a output screen in Score and it is playing a video that is on the timeline. i tried the a 3d plugin but it was hard to work with. Scaling the video i found. But transforming like it is fitting the panning i do not find.

Thank you.

Hi Bob and welcome !

There is a video mapping process on the way but I doubt it is very usable currently.

You can however find plenty of sharers in the user library that would transform your video in various ways, as well as blend effects that take 2 texture input and combines them (more intended for transitions though). You can probably get quite creative chaining those, but there is still some work to be done for proper video mapping.

Your images can, however, be fed from score to an external video mapping software using either NDI or shmdata (you can find some discussion on the topic if you scroll up the gitter chat)

Hi thank you for your reply.
Maybe i should look for that need then for an other solution.
Still very impressive video plugins!