Midi inputs for PD patch

Hello again,
I am trying to have a midi file in the timeline with a PD patch to extract different prameters such as CC values. I made the patch but the inputs don’t seem to work: I tried midiin, ctlin and r $0-midiin. Which input object should I use in the PD patch to get CC values from a midi file?

hi ! I’m sorry, I’m super unavailable for help for a few days as I’m moving from france to canada… @thibaudk would you happen to have an idea ? I don’t really know how to load midi files from PureData.

Thanks @jcelerier , I have an update: the [notein] object works but the [ctlin] does not: the midi input does not appear on the pd device when loaded into Ossia. The [midiin] object would work but unfortunately in pd it only works on Macs. So I am still stuck trying to get CC values from midi files into my shaders. I think this is an important issue for VJing that should be looked into. Maybe @thibaudk can help?

the online documentation says
" * MIDI inlets/outlets: [midiin], [notein], [controlin], [midiout], [noteout], [controlout] and will create a MIDI input and / or output port." but the [controlin], [controlout] objects do not exist in pd

Hi @michelez
One possibility may be to use a midi device. I think you can now create virtual MIDI device, or just use some kind of loop back device. The advantage here is that, from the device explorer, MIDI CC values can be used as generic values. So the Idea would be to route the output of your midi file to a MIDI out device, Then try to use the cc values of the device as input for your shader. If this does not work, try then to “loop back” the MIDI out device to another MIDI in device inside of score. A Mapper device may also do the trick.

I have added the virtual midi device using loopMIDI. The device appears but the options to Create a whole tree and Virtual Midi are not working, it does not let me check them.
I can’t seem to find a way to select the CC inputs as you are suggesting.

I tried to use the midi port as input to different mapping objects but there is not object, aside from midiPitch which is not what i need, that takes a midi in (blue) and outputs a value (green)

I am evaluating if to use Ossia and for me good connectivity with midi is paramount. I teach audiovisual composition at a university. I am wondering if this is these issues are going to be fixed or if there is a robust workaround to get CC into Ossia. Please let me know!

This must be a bug. I’ll try to reproduce it and if it persists I’ll report it here: Issues · ossia/score · GitHub

Ok great. I have created a bug report about Pure Data:
“in the Ossia documentation input and output objects for MIDI CC are labeled [controlin] and [controlout], but in PD these objects are named [ctlin] and [ctlout]. As a result the inputs and outputs don’t show up in Ossia when the patch is instantiated.”