Message at startup

Dear Developers
I keep getting the warning message “Reload? - It seems that score previously crashed. Do you wish to reload your work?” even if save and close the application normaly.
Is there a way to remove the message for good?

greetings and thanks

Hello and welcome !

On which OS are you ?

One reason I’ve seen this happen is - at some point on Linux systems the software was launched with sudo, and then subsequent non-sudo runs cannot remove the “backup file” as it was written by root.

Another possibility that this makes me think of is that you have two instances launched at the same time - that’s a bug, adding that to the backlog.

Hello and thanks for the quick answer!
I’m on Win10 64bit… I get the message only when I start score with the project file. when I start score and I open the project file via RecentFiles I don’t get the message.

thx! :slight_smile:

Hej hej… is it possible that there is some sort of a flag in the document file? this flag then causes the message?