Loop process: tutorial?


I cannot understand how to make the loop process work as a loop. The behavior that I would expect is that creating a loop process and draging something into it would make an infinite loop and that I could have some controls over that loop (start, stop, number of loops…) but so far I just cannot make a single loop with it.

Can you make a little tutorial or update the docs about it?

French tutorial on the way, i’ll post a link here.

preview available here

Thanks… It’s weird because the loop process does not loop for me, even though I am following the same procedure. I tried with both midi and sound files without success.

On the top right corner of my loop process, I can read some float numbers appearing that I do not observe in the tutorial. Once the pattern is over (and it is not looping), it displays a 0. Any clue?

Would you be able to provide some caption or gif maybe ?
the numbers appearing may just be due to the “Logging”, “Benchmark” or “Value compilation” options
enabled from “Settings/Execution”. All of them can be switched off as I mentioned if the first tutorial (2:06)

For the loop process to actually Loop, you need to make sure that the child interval (inside) is shorter than the parent interval. If it is half the size of the parent interval, it will be played twice, if it is a third of the size, three times …

Adding a trigger at the end of the parent interval will also allow for an undefined loop, repeating the child interval as many times as desired.

Thanks Thibault, I did not understand the important of size ratio with the parent loop process. Indeed, adding a trigger got me to the desired behavior, thank you!