Live Audio Input

Hello everybody!

Im having trouble to connect a live audio input to ossia score.
My computer is connected to a Focusride Scarlett 2i2, it has two Inputs, and two Outputs aswell.
My plan was to capture the sound, and make audio reactive visuals.
Unfortunatly the “audio device” doesn’t see my two inputs provided from the audio interface. Ossia only displays one “main” input… (see the image i attached)
Also the soundcard output routing i saw in the documentation is not possible. See here

Can someone tell me where the problem might be?

Thank you all!

Hello and welcome!

Which OS are you using? Normally in the settings depending on the backend you can choose the inputs.
I’d recommend to use ASIO on Windows, CoreAudio on Mac and JACK on Linux. Then in the settings it should show all the channels (and in the “audio” device too).

Thank you! Now im able to see the two inputs, i had to update the driver of the audio interface…
Works very well, thank you for this brilliant software!