Issue in OSCQuery implementation

I’m improving MadMapper OscQuery implementation. While testing against Score I found an issue on your side. OSCQuery specification says:

“VALUE The value stored with this string is always an array- this array contains one or more values (the number and type of values is described by the “TYPE” attribute).”

However I I send VALUE in an array, Score will show “0” instead of the value. If I directly put the value it works.

You can test with MadMapper 3.3 demo version. You just have to replace the “ws:” in server url with “http:”


thanks @matt.beghin there is an issue for that on github (though, not in score’s, but in the underlying libossia):

Hopefully, @jcelerier will have time to look into that

Cool, I’ll comment there. It’s easy to support both notations to avoid breaking compatibility with existing projects