Interpolation Process Issue

I tried to follow the instructions in your documentation and came up with the following score-script. However, It just doesn’t seem to interpolate between the two set values. And it looks as if this example script (out_of_time_events.score) is doing the same thing with an automation(float) instead.

Any Hints are appreciated.

Hi Martin !

As the disclaimer says on the top of the page:
“as of 2.0.0.a6, interpolation process is broken as new implementation is in progress”
(we should probably just remove this page - @jln / and/or the Interpolation process @jcelerier ?)

so, yes, for now, you need to use float interpolations.

I haven’t looked into your scores, but if you need further guidance, I could dig deeper.

Hope this helps,



Hi bltzr

thanks for the quick reply.
… I missed that line. That explains my troubles.

Sorry for the noise