Indication of parameter change


I wonder if there is a way to get [ossia.device] to tell the patcher if a parameter has been changed, ideally indicating the one that was changed.

this could be used to implement undo/redo.



I think that the feature is already here (@avilleret if you can confirm ?) - at the very least it’s available in libossia so implementing it in ossia-max should not be too hard I think.

if @maybites want a message like [parameter /foo 2.12( when 2.12 is pushed to parameter /foo then I don’t think it is already implemented.
but yes, we can think about it
but I think we need to tell which parameter (with or without pattern matching) we want to monitor to avoid too much data to be output from [ossia.device] dump outlet.

I’ve created an issue for that :