Help with Pure Data integration

  • ossia version 3.0.0-a34
  • pd version 0.51-4
    I’m having an issue with the Pure data integration. To test that everything was working I created a simple patch that is just [adc~] connected up to [dac~]. I have done nothing other than dropping in a wave file, and the simple patch I made. The tutorial I watched was this one from vimeo. I’m assuming this is some sort of weird bug? Thanks for the help!

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve just done a round of bugfixes on the Pd integration (on a work-in-progress unreleased version) ; there had been a few changes that broke it.

If you want you can test it here :

  • pd version 0.51-4
  • macOS 10.14.6

Okay, so this is working now :slight_smile: , but here’s a bug I found while testing it out. When you drag a pd patch onto the wav file it creates the area beneath it, but you can’t actually see the patch get added. If you again drag the patch onto the area beneath it, you can see the new one, but not the original one that you added.

At any rate, thanks for the help. I’m excited to see support for pd improve in the future!

Ah, I think I understand the issue: it puts the patch by default at the center of the whole area which may be larger than your screen thus you’d have to scroll to see the patch.

I’ll try to add a way to make it centered on what the user actually sees instead.