External synth: how to send all notes off when stop playing?

Hi all,

Total newbie here, running score 3.0.12 compiled from the git repository. So far the interface looks very impressive.

As a first test, I’m adding a piano roll with some long lasting notes and an arpeggiator in the time line and sending the output via midi to an external synth. Playing seems to work as expected. When I press “stop” however, notes that had started but not yet stopped keep on playing (at least that’s what I assume is happening). I kind of expected I could send an “all notes off” event when stopping playback, but so far I don’t see how I can do that.

Is this possible, and if so, could someone give a hint as to how to do it?


Edited to add: seems to happen mostly when setting the arpeggiator’s “Quantification” option to a relatively high number (in my case 8 or higher) in combination with playing multiple notes simultaneously.

Hello !

Hmm, that’s likely a bug, the engine already sends an all note off command to the synths when stop is pressed or it stops playing.
Is it a vst, vst3, jsfx, faust ?

Ah, maybe you’re using VST3 for which it’s still not done - we have to do what’s mentioned here it seems: VST3 Plugins and MIDI ''all notes off'' messages - Cockos Incorporated Forums

Hmm I had the impression this arpeggiator is something built into score. It appears in the midi processes menu and mentions “Provided by ossia score” when selected.