Controlling LED strips with Score and a Raspberry Pi

Hello, posting a demo showing control of so-called 5050 RGBW LED strips. Here is the video and sorry for the extremely low production values :slight_smile: :

In the demo, Score is running, for the moment, on a laptop rather than the Pi itself (see my other post here) and the Pi is present in Score as a device with container children for each LED strip that you wish to control. Each of these containers has children controlling the red, green, blue and white LEDs as well as a scaling factor.

The circuit used is from here:

The actual strip used is this one:

The modified version of oscdump running on the Pi is developed from this source:

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Nicely done, hopefully we can move it all on the Pi soon.

When it comes to color automation, you could also use a single vec4f value controlled by the “Color automation”.

to facilitate it’s use and format the outgoing data (so you don’t have to do it in you script), you can also set the Unit of your vec4f value to Color rgba8.


let me know if that makes sens

That’s brilliant, thanks!

Managed to get Thibaud’s suggestion to work and it is a great improvement. I’ve made a new video which shows the use of a colour gradient in Score to make transitions in colour on the LED strip. An issue mentioned in the video is the need for gamma correction. And the link referred to is this one:

See the “Quick fix” button at the botton for the lookup correction table used in my OSC parsing code.

Here is the video:

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