Communication with a WebSocket

Hi ! For a project we need to communicate with a WebSocket server hosted on a Raspberry Pie. In Score, we’ve seen that we can create a device with the WS protocol, and there is a js script to edit. We tried to edit it for our purpose but it seems that the device does’nt connect to the server.
In the documentation, the section is not completed yet, so if someone has ever work with a WS in score let us know :wink:

Thank you !

here is the script :

import Ossia 1.0 as Ossia

    property string host: "ws:"
    // Called whenever the Websocket server sends us a message
    function onMessage(message) {
        var res = JSON.parse(message);
        console.log(res["coordinates"]) //affiche res["coordinates"]
        return [ 
            { address: "/Objet/coordinates", value: res["coordinates"] },
    function createTree() {
        return [ 
            name: "Objet",
            children: [
                    name: "coordinates",
                    type: Ossia.Type.Vec3f
                // Not useful for this particular API but useful 
                // as an example: 
                    name: "request",
                    type: Ossia.Int, 
                    // For the three following functions, 
                    // the return value is sent to the WS server: 
                    // 1. When a message is sent from score
                    request: function (value) {
                        console.log("request: ", value); //affiche la requete
                        return JSON.stringify({ sensor: value }) //convertit une valeur JavaScript en chaine JSON

                    // 2. When score listens on a node
                    openListening: function () {
                        console.log("open listening");

                    // 3. When score stops listening on a node
                    closeListening: function () {
                        console.log("close listening");

Hi and welcome !

I edited your post to make the code block more readable (with three backticks : ```)

I think that the problem is just the format of the host, which should be

    property string host: "ws://"

(or just “” should work also).

thanks for the reminder on the documentation, I’ll be looking into it shortly