Combining Ossia with Max Pattrstorage


I am currently considering implementing ossia into a big project ( of mine. Until now I have been using [pattrstorage] to do a similar functionality. After implementing ossia I would like to keep my current solution for the time being and I wonder if it is technically feasible to make [ossia.parameter] detectable by max’s pattr - system.

This is not a feature request, only an enquiry to check if my implementation idea could be realized once certain criteria on ossia side are implemented.



If the above idea is feasible I also think about implementing ossia into MaxGui Objects Jan Schacher has developed:

I think it would be nice to have GUI objects that directly integrate an ossia.remote, no?

please let me know what your thought are.

Hi ! Sorry, I thought somebody replied to you about this.

I don’t think it’s feasible to integrate ossia with pattr. We tried to do this in the good old days of Jamoma 0.3, and it was an utter nightmare! So I don’t think anyone wants to dip into this hassle again.
What would be the benefit of keeping pattr once you have ossia ?

Concerning integrating ossia.remotes in GUI objects, not sure about this (you could ask jasch what he thinks about it, though). But what’s the problem of using it externally ?

BTW your app looks amazing!


no worries. thanks you took the time to reply.

I would like to use ossia in my app, but it is also possible to use the nodes (= max abstractions) inside max patches. if I went all ossia, who ever wants to use the abstractions inside a max patch would need to use ossia as a storage strategy. I would like to stay agnostic. but maybe I could use the [pattr] object in sync with [ossia.parameter]… I will further investigate.

jasch has no objections. advantage would be less objects in the patch. but since your experience with jamoma in this respect has been such a hassle, I probably with stay away from it.

anyway, I realy do like the concept of ossia and I will implement it with a very high likelihood.

though you need first sort out that crash :slight_smile: