Catch TUIO/UDP messages

I tried with Ossia Score to catch TUIO/UDP messages sends by a standalone application, which sends OSC (Open Sound Control) via UDP. It’s seams they are bundle and i just get the last element of the bundle. The aim is to parse the various TUOI parameters in order to utilize them in the software.
Someone have an idea ?

Hello and welcome, sorry for the answer delay!

Normally OSC bundles are supported in ossia, what’s exactly the behaviour you are seeing?
Are those bundles with different messages or the same messages with different values?


/foo/bar 123
/foo/bar 456


/x 123
/y 456


If you have a small example to reproduce on our side it would be great!

Thank you for your response. In terms of packet structure, they are in the form:

/foo/bar 123
/foo/bar 456

Specifically, here is a screenshot of the score, with an attempted data processing in JS.

In terms of behavior, I have the impression that due to the burst of messages, we are only able to exploit the last line of the burst.

I don’t have a specific example in mind, but I can provide more details. The TUIO messages include an object identifier, position (x, y), angle, velocity, and acceleration. If you need more information, I am attempting to retrieve UDP messages sent by the reacTIVision project:

To add some insight to this discussion, we can actually see the incoming OSC messages in the console as shown in the screenshot above, but we are unable to get them all from a JS process, only the last one of the “burst”.
My theory is that they dont come as bundles, and as they all have the same address, we only get the last sent one on each tick callback. I guess there is no per-address message stack, at least in the JS process.
Do you think we can get around this from an avendish process ?
Thanks in advance for any answer.
At the moment we are using some Processing middleware to translate the messages between reactivision and score but it’s a bit clunky, and we’d like to keep the TUIO messages API from the reactable because it’s still a standard; although an old one …
Cheers !

I’m looking for a way to listen to incoming OSC messages from an avendish process to deal with this problem in an event-based fashion (instead of the default frame-based way which I think is limiting here), but I can’t find anything in the docs … do you think this is feasible ?