Can't find the Overview directory mentioned in "first steps" tutorial


I’m trying to follow the tutorial “first steps”. In the “Meet the Score Interface” section, I read: “As an example, we use the demo scenario provided in the Overview folder”.
… But I can not find this Overview folder or this demo scenario.
Operating system: linuxmint with audio jack.

Thanks for help.

HI !

Sorry, we should have included this in the download. This is filed as an issue, someone just needs to act upon it (@jcelerier maybe ?)

Meanwhile, you can download it here:



Thank you for the answer. So I downloaded Overview.scorejson, but when I try to open the file with score, I get this error message: “invalid document”.

Sorry :confused:

Oh, damn!

Well try to do something about it asap

Hey again !

Which version of score did you try this with ?
with the latest release it works here…

This version :

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

OK then we need @jcelerier @thibaudk or @avilleret to test it, because I’m not a Linux person myself

Hi, i also can’t find Overview.scorejson, and the links above are broken …


Hi all and sorry for the delay.

All examples and tutorial files have been moved to the user library.

You can make the library accessible from the score “Library” thumb nail by cloning the entire directory and indicating it’s path in “Settings/Library”

Unfortunatly the “.scorejson” file extension is no longer the official extension for score, so it won’t be visible from the user library. But you can still open it as you would any other scenario with “Load”.

can’t we just change the extension to .score ? because the format is the same, or is it ?

Yes, it seems to work fine by simply changing the extension to “.score”.

I’ve open a pull request

and if there are no other issue, I’ll rename the rest of the “.scorejson” files

I’m using the Appimage on Linux and encountered the same problem. The Appimage doesn’t contain any of the documentation, just the app itself. In the meantime can/should the files be linked on the online version of the tutorial?

Yes, it would be a good idea to link them from there.

@jln would you be able to add a link to
at the end of this sentence:
"As an example, we use here the demo scenario provided in the Overview folder. " (on Overview folder e.g.) - maybe also adding “from the user library”
I don’t know where to edit the file…

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