Artnet interface refuse to change

Hi team, great work!

Feeling good using the app, at the moment i can do everithing i need but im having problems with arnet configuration.
I cant change the interface IP. Have mine at and every time i change it and enter to edit the device it is back to

Something curious is:
I exported the device and look in the file. it has the host tag as expected, but i didn’t figure how to import the device again.
Tried to look at the artnet documentation but i seems to be outdated, in the screenshot interface field is not showed.

I monitored the network with wireshark and saw that the messages are indeed sent but in broadcast to

I found conf.multicast = true; at score/ArtnetDevice.cpp at cd5a2a726ff487b0f0749640e289831206edc42b · ossia/score · GitHub

is any chance to do unicast?

Thank you!


As you saw right now it’s hardcoded to broadcast, adding this on the backlog for the next version as it shouldn’t be too hard of a change to make. Thanks for the reports!

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Great. Thanks for the response!