Are graphic tablets currently supported as input method?

Hi! I was wondering if one can use a pressure/tilt sensitive input device with Ossia? I don’t see it listed in the documentation but it also doesn’t mention mouse or keyboard.

If not, might it be supported in the future?

hi ! I just tried adding support for what Qt gives for tablet and tablet-like devices: pressure, tilt, rotation ; will be there in the next version.

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Amazing! That was fast! :slight_smile:

Pressure and position work perfect. Somehow tilt_x and tilt_y give the same value. They seem to be linked, but I don’t see anything in the new code to cause such effect. Is there? I checked in the processing pen library and I get separate tilt x and y. Could it be an issue in the Qt part?

Thank you for adding this! :slight_smile: I think it can add a very expressive approach to control sounds or visuals.

Do you think it might be possible to capture the pen state without being attached to a window, so if one switches applications the data is still received?


Update: could it be because here it pushes a vec2 for both tilt x and y so the first value is shown in the gui?

Oops ! well spotted, I just pushed a fix

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Hmmmm I’m not sure with Qt.
I’m wondering, how are you using the tablet in this case ? here on linux it seems to take control of the mouse cursor so I wouldn’t be able to “play” with it in any way as it would just click on random things on my screen. Is there something to toggle in X11 / Wayland / macOS / Windows to disable this behaviour ?

Very nice to see the fix! :slight_smile:

About my use case: if I perform with two screens then it would be all good: one shows the visuals, the other has the ossia window were I can draw. The drawing actions are sent to the rendering program via OSC.

What I was wondering was if instead the tablet actions could be captured from the whole window. You are right in that if you see is buttons, icons and texts then you would create a mess :slight_smile: But if what you see is a full screen application rendering things then those stylus interactions would not cause any harm. But I do understand if it’s not possible.

Just in case, here some related code but I’m not sure if this allows full screen capture or not. And even if it can, it would be more complicated than plugging into Qt’s tablet support because each OS is supported in a different way. Maybe only worth it if many people want this feature.

Thank you again for your work :slight_smile: !