Arbitrary mapping or connections management?

How might one manage parameter mappings between different devices instantiated in Max/MSP? For instance I have 2 devices: weka and lightbox. Weka has a parameter “accel” while Lightbox has a parameter “panel1/RGBA”

Is it possible to create a mapping between accel and panel1/rgba? I am picturing something like the “webmapper” connections manager for the libmapper protocol


it is indeed possible to do such a thing but with two devices it might be a little bit tricky

you should use the global address of your parameter when your create your remote object.
A global address is the parameter address with device prefix.
In your case this might looks like :

[ossia.remote weka:/accel]
[p some processing]
[ossia.remote lightbox:/panel1/rgba]

I’m already using this kind of mapping with ossia-pd, but never tried in Max.
Feel free to report any issue with this in ossia-max here or better there.


Many thanks for this, avilleret.

I’m going to reply to this in the issues thread then.

Hi !

only reply if you encounter a problem - for discussions on usages here is a good place !

so, about creating mappings, I was about to suggest the same thing than Antoine did. You could even create an abstraction (or even a model, with views) for that. @jln probably already did such things

about webmapper, we are indeed currently discussing ways to make ossia and webmapper work together in an integrated/convenient way with people at IDMIL - so stay tuned !

another option that you could have if you want to manage several mappings, on separate devices, and especially if you want to have them evolving would of course to use score - see the Mapper process tutorial in particular

Hope this helps,


thanks bltzr, lots of exciting things.

So i’ve tried to use the pseudocode that avilleret provided, however the lightbox:/panel1/rgba remote is not receiving any param changes from weka:/accel

I can confirm that both devices are registered on the network (via oscquery).

Also, is there a repo for the webmapper-ossia integration? I’d be happy to contribute to it if it meant I could start experimenting with it sooner rather than later.

thats sounds like a bug

I’ll try to have a look at this in the next few weeks.
Thanks for reporting btw

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Apologies for all my posts in a row. Got another question: I’ve gone through the mapping process tutorial on the web docs, and I haven’t managed to successfully map one device’s parameters onto another. Is there an example score/project file that I could open and observe some mappings?

nope, not yet - this is only in the discussions stage for now
we are currently looking into fundings for actually making this happen, so that’ll take some more time

about the patcher mapping example, did you use ossia.client objects ? or were all your devices in the same instance of Max/pd ?

for the mapping in score, do you see values changing in score’s device explorer when you change them in your devices ?
would you send your patches and score file, so someone can look into them ? that would probably be the most efficient way to help

just thinking about something : did you press play ? because mappings are active only when the scenario is running

hope this helps