Ossia crashing when used in m4l


i just found out about this great project, but sadly since i started to implement ossia into one of my patches it crashes as soon as i try to load it in live.
when i start with a new blank patch max crashes each time i want to open a ossia help file. no matter which one.
something seems very wrong…
when i start max as standalone i get none of this problems

(i tried the bundled max version and the newest version from cycling74.com)

hope that someone can help me as i really would benefit from this system!


hello ! are you on macos or windows ?


macOS 10.12.6
max 8.02 + ive tried Lives last official, beta and alpha release, all with the same result
(just updated from .5 today in hope that this would solve the problem)


okay, I’ll try to investigate this as soon as possible (we had problem with M4L previously, I thought they were solved but apparently not !)


thanks a lot!
it would make life so much easier for me


Hi !
I just tried to check what could go wrong with this but it’s ok on my side :

I also tried a few help patches (ossia, ossia.parameter) and they seemed to work correctly too.

here’s the ossia max package I used, can you replace the content of the ossia release with this one ? Maybe it’s a bug which has been fixed since the last release : https://ufile.io/1jhoq


(it’s a debug build, it will be fairly slower than the release build but if it crashes with this one we will get better error logs).


thx! will try that as soon as possible


looks good, so far… :slight_smile: thx again


Great, I’ll make a release in a few days