How to simply map a vec2f to vec3f coordinates?



I’m trying to drive xy pair of a vec3f with an XY Automation
I enter voxelstrack:/blob.3@[xyz.xy] as automation’s address but it doesn’t work.
Is there a special syntax for that ? or should use weird mapping chain to do so ?




I guess we should make it work the way you describe, shouldn’t we ?


Though I’m not sure we can have this kind of multidimensional subset of a multidimensional parameter in libossia… or do we, @jcelerier?


Doesn’t just setting voxelstrack:/blob.3 as the address work ?


apparently not - it just output [0 0 0] AFAIR when I tried yesterday


okay, this was a bug, which is now fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


So now you can use score for your project @avilleret :wink: