Give a time position to a State


Is in Score any way to give an exact time position to a State?
I know that zooming the timeline and moving the State along, you can find the correct position, but maybe is there any other way to do it.
Like the option in the Interval Inspector to choose the default duration,
but giving the time position to the State in HH:MM:SS:mm
Thank you!



hi ! @Serdna

well, it’s currently not possible in the UI, but it should not be impossible…
if you add a trigger, and select it, you will see it’s “default date” in the inspector

the trick might be that we “propagate” this info to the state (which is a “child” of the trigger/sync), so at least we could see it when moving the state - that shouldn’t be too hard
then, maybe it could be changed, but we need @jcelerier insight here, to tell us if that’s a hard one or not

could you add an issue on github for that, @Serdna ?



:+1: issue on github done!

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