Can I play a music or video file?


Hi @jcelerier, I don´t know if this message was adressed to me, anyway, I have installed this version and Score keeps crashing at start. I only can see the logo before to stop. Thanks anyway


but you have a working version, don’t you ?


Well… yes and no, I have a working version, but not in my personal laptop. Is a laptop of the company where I work. And I cannot use for my personal projects.


aahh, too bad - I know that @Ofersmi finally got something working, maybe he can help ?


Hey @Serdna are you trying to use jack? I have been using portaudio and I had no more crash (related to audio…)
Did you try uninstalling Jack and then starting score?


Hi @ofersmi, I’ve tried both, with and without jack. My problem is that Score crash as soon the splash screen appears, so I cannot set up the audio.
I will install jack this night and double check with the last version, but I’m sure I’ve done already. Anyway the project in wich I needed audio was simplified and actually I’m not in a hurry to use audio in Score, but I want to know how it works!:joy:
Thanks, hope your rehearsals go well!



ho I am still far away from rehearsals… just in composition phase. rehearsals and performance will be in june.
There must be some perf file somewhere that keeps the last saved audio interface… maybe you can erase that? or maybe you can try saving a project with portaudio selected on the working computer and try to open that in the none working one?> but Im just shooting in the dark here…


The audio settings are saved in the registry (regedit) on MS windows, at the path Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OSSIA\score so yeah, maybe try to remove the whole folder in the registry.



Good point, I will try. Thank you!


I deleted the folder, and search in registry for any other instance(I haven’t find any more), then I’ve reinstalled Score a3 but it doesn’t work.
I have two theories:
-One is about registry key problem, I cannot found any more ossia key, and, I have deleted all the registry keys related to jack installation.
-The other one is that in the computer that score works, when I launched jackd.exe the command prompt keep open with some information (I haven’t here right now that computer),but in my computer the command promt screen close as soon as appears.
I’m shooting in the dark too, but could be a problem with portaudio driver? (not only in jack, also in score), because the same process is having differents behaviours. Is it possible??
In anycase, thanks for trying!